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I’ve always believed that music is what emotions sound like. I guess that would explain why most of my original music is written in much minor tonality and why I gravitate towards the more austere flavor of inspiration.

The love I have for music remains insatiable and a huge part of what I`m about. Spending time writing, playing and singing is second only to family and faith bringing love, comfort and reason to my life.

Building the band "Renegade" needed to be lyrical in mission and mood. The band has attained these expectations with great promise for the future.

"Renegade" will take you on a journey with each song performed whether original or cover. It`s high - energy style will mold itself to your musical taste while inciting the soul to dance the dance of dances!

DOUG WALTERS - Renegade Lead Singer and Guitar


Music has always been an awesome part of my life. Being a multi-instrumentalist and lead singer brings great enjoyment to me personally. It has taught me never to underestimate the therapeutic power of music as I have seen on numerous occasions and have witnessed myself it's majestic effect.

Music is absolutely medicinal in the lives of many people for many reasons. It helps heal the hurt, secure the lonely and inspire positivity. The uniting power of music is second to none in a world where commonality is often scant at best.

I am personally able to lose the world while in my music. Playing with the Band "Renegade" brings a harmonious escape while it allows me to realize the Renegade I have been all of my life.

DONNA MONTGOMERY - Renegade Keyboards and Vocals


In my musical experience, it seems like I was swimming against the tide a lot of the time. When my friends liked country, I liked rock and roll. When they liked rock and roll, I liked disco. When I liked stadium metal, they liked pop.

So, ya see, I was always on the musical edge. Sometimes leading; other times trailing. But always challenging the norm. An outlaw with a four-string axe. Some even whispered I might be a renegade.

I started at age 8 with classical training on what was then called the ‘Spanish guitar.’ One afternoon around the age of 10, I was in the car with my Dad. A song came on the radio. “What’s that instrument?’ I asked. “Oh, that’s a Hawaiian guitar,” said the wise man at the wheel. That’s what I wanted to play.

It took just a few days to switch from acoustic to electric. The Harmony brand Hawaiian guitar arrived at the music shop. Today we call it a lap steel. I took lessons and played it through my early teen years.

Even in a surf band, The Aquatones. We soon played our first big show. One song at halftime at a big high school basketball game. An original we called ‘Underwater.” Which is pretty much where some said that band was after that night.

Some time later, I was walking one night across town to the local Saturday dance. Blocks away from the hall, the first instrument I heard was the bass guitar. Its low rumble carried far and wide, and snagged my soul. That did it. I became a bassist.

Over the years I’ve played in Southern rock & soul bands, surf bands, classic rock and dance bands. From small clubs to arenas, convention halls, music theater venues and outdoor festivals. I’ve played them all.

In a way, all that was a warm-up for this act.

The good forces in the universe have conspired to unite five kindred spirits into a band called Renegade. We put together a sound like no other. Familiar tunes take on an electric new intensity when we lay into them.

BILL JOBES - Renegade Bass Guitar


Well, it all started when I was 7, taking piano lessons, classical music, and heavy theory. It all came together for me several years later when The Beatles came to town. Then I was hooked. Played in numerous high school rock and roll bands, college bands. Our band became the house band for all events at the University of Colorado. Played all kinds of music. Wedding bands, dance bands, but always looking for something different, more creative. Over the years, my diversity, my exploring all types of music, made me sort of a renegade. Guess I found my home now.

BRAD WEXLER - Renegade Keyboards


Hmmm, first, second or third voice….Lets go with first voice straight from the drummers mouth. :-) I believe like most natural born drummers, you start out on the kitchen floor banging on pots and pans. Certainly was me. Then I progressed to the bar stools in the basment of the house I grew up in. And then, the dashboard of a friends car while she was driving. She wasn’t to crazy about me using her head as a cymbal though. LOL! I started in Junior High playing the snare in the marching and concert bands. Stuck with it in High School too. Got my first drum set at the age of sixteen. After school I would play for hours along with songs on the stereo. Influenced mostly by the Beatles. However, enjoyed playing along with so many other artists from that era and beyond.

Through the years I’ve played in various classic rock bands, had a few hiatus periods and thought I never would get back into it. The reality for me is, the passion to play never leaves you. When there is a will there is a way.

I’m so happy to have met the Renegade band members and be part of their family.


Susanne Casano - Renegade Drummer